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Government Jobs – Civil Service


Government Jobs / Civil Service

Probably the most secure job one can have is a government job.  Even in the recent economy down-turn the government sector had the lowest lay-off rate.  Government jobs include city, county, state and federal government.  Most government positions, such as state and federal are classified as civil service.  A civil service job typically comes with great benefits, vacations, holidays and a pension.  Pensions vary from each government entity so decide which branch of government looks most profitable in the end before you decide where to work.  For example, the State of California has a higher paying pension plan than the Federal Government, and some county pension plans are even higher!

Most civil service/government jobs require you to take a test to qualify for a specific position/classification before you can be hired. Check the minimum qualifications of jobs you are interested in and the hiring process.  Most states have their own website for state jobs. Just do a simple web search in your state for state civil service jobs.


Here is a list of websites to get you started in your civil service job search.  (official website for the US Federal government (private website that lists civil service jobs nationwide, city, county, state and federal.  National Park Service (State of California)


Employment Agencies



Employment Agencies

Here is the breakdown on employment agencies.  Pick the one that’s right for you.

 Employer Paid Agency

Companies often hire employment agencies to do their preliminary screening.  The company pays the agency to advertise for positions and do the preliminary interviews.  It is a great idea to sign up with as many of these agencies as possible.  Some of these agencies specialize in certain types of employment.  For example, some agencies will hire only clerical staff while other agencies handle only technical types of jobs such as IT.  There are other agencies that handle the gamut of jobs.  Look for an agency that suits your needs, submit your resume and application with the agency and see what happens.  It’s a good idea to touch bases with the agency from time to time to let them know you are still available.  Remember, you pay nothing, even if you get the job.  The employer foots the bill for this service either contingent on the hire of the candidate or on a retainer.

Employee Paid Agency

This type of agency is paid by the job seeker.  Typically these types of agencies are typically for low-mid level paying jobs.  Most agencies will not require the candidate to pay the agency until they land the job and some will break your fee in payments from your first three paychecks.  Try using the first type (Employer paid) agency first before resorting to an agency that you will have to pay.

Executive Head Hunters/Recruiters

These types of agencies are paid by the employer and only search out candidates that are in a higher level of employment class such as Controllers, CEOs, lawyers, physicians, etc.

Temporary Employment Agencies

These agencies hire employees to fill positions on a temporary basis.  Some jobs last only a few days, while some will last several months.  Sometimes, the job becomes permanent if the employer is happy with your work and they have a position to fill.  If you work for a temporary agency you are paid directly by the agency and not the employer.  Temp agencies are a great way to get experience and references in your permanent job search!



Locations: 360 worldwide

Specialties: financial, accounting, credit and collections

Web site:


Locations: 150 worldwide

Specialties: engineering, aviation, scientific and architecture

Web site:

CLP Resources

Locations: 64 nationwide

Specialties: construction and skilled trades

Web site:

Kelly Services

Locations:  2,000 nationwide

Specialties: professional services, law, health care, technical and administrative

Web site:

Labor Ready

Locations: 600 nationwide

Specialty: general day labor

Web site:


Locations: 4,200 worldwide

Specialties: professional services, technical, finance, engineering and administrative

Web site:


Locations: serves clients nationwide from headquarters in Alpharetta, Ga.

Specialties: sales and marketing

Web site:

MSX International

Locations: 13 worldwide

Specialty: automotive business solutions

Web site:

On Assignment

Locations:  79 worldwide

Specialties: health care, travel nursing and engineering

Web site:


Locations: 62 nationwide

Specialties: logistics and warehousing

Web site:


Locations: 90 worldwide

Specialty: information technology

Web site:


Locations: 31 nationwide

Specialty: commercial truck drivers

Web site:

Write your Business Plan


Most people go into business to make money!  Some people go into business for others to make money (charity).  The bottom line is, your business needs to make money someone to benefit.  This takes planning and lots of it.

Get your business out of your head and on paper. 

What is your business?

How much money do you need to start?

How much money will the business generate?

How much money will it cost to keep the business running?

Will the income take care of the expenses?

Your Business Plan

You will see right away if your business has the potential to fail or prosper

You will be able to secure loans and or investors if you can show a profitable business

You will have peace of mind that you are on the right track with your business


The Small Business Resource is a great place to start for anyone thinking of starting a business.  Start your business plan here.