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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Advice from the Experts


To be Early is to be On Time!

Having my job candidates punctual for their interviews shows me that they mean business and are serious about the task at hand.  Most times  we (the interview panel) are interviewing several candidates in one day. We typically give ourselves at least 20 minutes between candidates so that we can complete our notes and have a short discussion of our impressions.  Having our candidates punctual is paramount to our busy day.  However, a word of advice to potential candidates is to not be too early.  Getting to the interview about 15-10 minutes before the actual interview is a perfect time-frame. This gives the candidate time to settle, and get their thoughts together before the interview.  It’s been my experience that people who had to rush in the door at the last minute didn’t do well in their interviews.

Jessica Conklin, Administrative Manager

KTS Enterprises, LLC


Do your Homework

We probably interview 25 or more people annually for various positions in our company.  We hire for everything from clerical to executive staff.  It’s amazing to me the amount of people who really don’t know much about our company when they come in for the interview.  These days, it’s extremely easy to get information about a company via the internet.  If you don’t have internet access, then get a friend to do your homework.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  If you come in prepared with a working knowledge of the company and the job you are interviewing for, you will be able to use your experiences from past jobs and relate them to the prospective company’s needs.  This is very impressive to a perspective employer.  This shows that you really want to work for THAT company and jot just going from interview to interview with a bunch of nameless companies.

Jose Gutierrez, Human Resources Manager

Courier Systems, Inc.


Make your Application Stand Out

I work in a large human resources office and we receive dozens of applications. When an application hits desk, I will give it a quick look to see if the applicant meets the minimum qualifications of the position. I highly recommend that applicants really look at the job announcement and pay attention to the key words. Those are the words I’m looking for!  A good first impression to me is an application that is typed or printed neatly with concise descriptive words that explains the applicant’s experiences. This makes it easy for me to quickly read the application since I have many to go through.  I particularly find it helpful if the applicant has submitted a cover letter that summarizes their experiences for the job they are applying. I highly recommend that individuals have their cover letters and resumes professionally done.  That way, when an applicant fills out the application, they can mirror the content from their resume. Neatness and thoughtful responses really count!

June Connely, Human Resources Analyst