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How to Submit Your Resume



Back in the old days, we printed our resumes on really nice paper found at the office supply store.  Now-a-days, companies want you to submit your resume online.  This seems a little impersonal, but many companies find this to be more efficient.  Whether you are instructed to submit online, e-mail or snail mail, we here at Rocket Rosie have scoured the internet to find the most comprehensive article for you to read on this subject.  Why re-invent the wheel?    Here is a wonderful article written by the Virginia Tech.  These guys know their stuff!

This article spells out the how, what, where and why of sending your polished resume to a perspective employer.

Good Luck!

RR Team!


Career Change Over 50

We are currently working on this awesome article on how to find a job when you are over 50.  Please stay tuned!


Rocket Rosie Team

How to Find the Perfect Career

We are still working on this article!  Check back soon for advice on How to Find the Perfect Career!


Rocket Rosie Team

Overcoming Loss of Job

This blog post is coming soon!  We are working on a great article at this moment!!!!!


Stay tuned!

Change is a Good Thing!

Change-rocket rosie

Sometimes we are forced into making a career change because of situations that are out of our control.Sometimes we want to change career paths but are afraid to make it happen and don’t know how to make that first leap!  Here are some basic steps to get you onto your your next exciting adventure!

GO FOR IT! Think of all the things that you EVER wanted to do in your career!  If you still have the physical ability to do that certain career, GO FOR IT!  If not, then you might have to think of another version of that same career path that fits with your situation at this time in your life. Sometimes we would have to go back to college to get training for that career you always wanted and if you are in your 60s, you may not want to tackle that debt or cost.  If this is the case, then think of another way you can accomplish something similar that won’t deplete your bank account!  This is the most exciting part of this journey…..thinking of all of your options!

STRATEGY!  Do your research on things you can do, but don’t think you have to be the expert. How do you climb a mountain?  One step at a time!  Give yourself some goals to reach and make them pretty simple.  Making a goal for yourself that is unattainable is a complete waste of time and will discourage you from the start.  Make a game plan and have a well packed parachute with a plan B, C or even D if things don’t go quite well with plan A.  Think of the worst case scenario if you DIDN’T embark on this mission!

 NETWORK! Start thinking of every friend or acquaintance that may have some connections, knowledge or advice on your next career move.  People love to help and you will find a huge bank of knowledge out there just waiting for you. Maybe a friend just recently changed careers.  Ask them how they did it and follow their steps!  You might find that one of your friends recently heard of a job that would be PERFECT for you!  You never will know these things unless you network and make your intentions KNOWN to the WORLD!

     FIND A MENTOR! Seek someone out that can be your coach and mentor. Think of the most successful person you know that you want to emulate. Even if you don’t really “know” them, get to know them. Make a call (yes this is kind of scary) to someone you DON’T know and ask them if they will give you some guidance in a certain career move you are thinking about!  For example, if  you are thinking of going into law enforcement?  Well, contact the local chief of police and ask for advice!  Go right to the top!  Why not?  You will be completely surprised on the response you will get. Want to work at Veterinarian’s office or become a Vet?  Visit a Veterinarian’s office and talk to the staff! The same goes for every career path or business you want to pursue. Talk to people who are actually working in those fields or owns that business!

TAKE THE RISK! Not one successful person on the planet became successful by NOT taking risk!  If you don’t take the risk of changing your circumstances, you very well may be missing out on many opportunities.

 KEEP AT IT!  With anything, you have to keep working at it to make your dreams happen. Don’t take no for an answer.  Keep moving to the next situation until you get a yes answer. Don’t be a afraid to talk to people.  What’s the worse thing that can happen?  Really think about this question. If it doesn’t kill you, its not that big of deal, right?

You will find that your fear of change was pretty silly once you roll up your sleeves and start on your journey of pursuing CHANGE!  Fear is just a four letter word!





How to Prove your Worth


Here are some ways that you can PROVE you are worth the money they are paying you!


Do the job better than you think you can! If your job is to flip burgers, then do it faster, better, with zeal and a GREAT attitude!  Its that simple. Be “that” employee that everyone LOVES to work with.  

LEARN!   Nobody likes a “know it all” but everyone LOVES the person that knows everything and happily gives answers in a friendly and non-arrogant manner.  Be the person that others rely on to get good information. With that said, do your homework and become the subject matter expert on a certain elements of your company or job. Be a Go-To person. This will up your value tremendously!

Be a Leader!  Be confident and know your stuff. Be a leader without being a jerk!  Taking a leadership role even when you aren’t getting paid for it (at the moment) will help you shine when you are in line for that promotion!

Keep Good Records! Keeping good records and saving emails and files with a good calendar system keeps you on top of things. Don’t EVER blow a deadline or follow through with a request, ESPECIALLY from the boss!

Be an Innovator!  If you have an idea that could possibly make the company money, streamline processes, change public perception or any other idea floating around in your head that would be helpful, BRING IT TO THE TABLE!  Some of your ideas my stick and some not so much. They old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is sometimes true.  However, sometimes just because it “ain’t broke” doesn’t mean that its working as well as it should in the current world!  Take a look at things. If you think that it needs improvement, make a solution and present your findings!   This shows you are always thinking of the company’s best interests!  

Be a Good Listener!  Seriously, you just need to shut up and listen to what others have to say. If you are always doing the talking, you are NOT learning!  





How to Ask for a Promotion

black-and-white-people-bar-menThe first thing you need to do is just ASK!  Yes, its that simple.  Walk in that office and ASK!  It can seem like an arm wrestling match at times, but don’t give up! Give it your all.

Here is what you do!

Prove to the boss that you are WORTH the money!  Go back to this post to see how to do this DAILY!   If you have been diligent in your work, its time to put on your armor and ask for the raise or promotion!  It’s nerve wracking, no doubt about it.  Practice your sales pitch to your friends and family.  Be armed with all sorts of examples as to why you BELIEVE yourself worthy of this position. Take in all sorts of facts and figures, customer reviews or whatever you think will help your cause. Tell the boss how your job performance has made the company money, or how you improved a process for the company.  DON’T make it about YOU!  Don’t say that you NEED more money.  Yes, we all know that you DO need more money, but companies are MORE concerned about their bottom line.  So, make your sales pitch on how your promotion will benefit the company!

If the boss says NO, thank him/her then POLITELY ask  WHY so that you may IMPROVE in those areas.  Then go back in AGAIN  at a later date when the time is right.

Keep asking!  Don’t ever give up!  If you are stuck after a while with no promotion or raise after many attempts, it could be a sign for you to move on.