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Government Jobs – Civil Service


Government Jobs / Civil Service

Probably the most secure job one can have is a government job.  Even in the recent economy down-turn the government sector had the lowest lay-off rate.  Government jobs include city, county, state and federal government.  Most government positions, such as state and federal are classified as civil service.  A civil service job typically comes with great benefits, vacations, holidays and a pension.  Pensions vary from each government entity so decide which branch of government looks most profitable in the end before you decide where to work.  For example, the State of California has a higher paying pension plan than the Federal Government, and some county pension plans are even higher!

Most civil service/government jobs require you to take a test to qualify for a specific position/classification before you can be hired. Check the minimum qualifications of jobs you are interested in and the hiring process.  Most states have their own website for state jobs. Just do a simple web search in your state for state civil service jobs.


Here is a list of websites to get you started in your civil service job search.  (official website for the US Federal government (private website that lists civil service jobs nationwide, city, county, state and federal.  National Park Service (State of California)