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How to Ask for a Promotion

black-and-white-people-bar-menThe first thing you need to do is just ASK!  Yes, its that simple.  Walk in that office and ASK!  It can seem like an arm wrestling match at times, but don’t give up! Give it your all.

Here is what you do!

Prove to the boss that you are WORTH the money!  Go back to this post to see how to do this DAILY!   If you have been diligent in your work, its time to put on your armor and ask for the raise or promotion!  It’s nerve wracking, no doubt about it.  Practice your sales pitch to your friends and family.  Be armed with all sorts of examples as to why you BELIEVE yourself worthy of this position. Take in all sorts of facts and figures, customer reviews or whatever you think will help your cause. Tell the boss how your job performance has made the company money, or how you improved a process for the company.  DON’T make it about YOU!  Don’t say that you NEED more money.  Yes, we all know that you DO need more money, but companies are MORE concerned about their bottom line.  So, make your sales pitch on how your promotion will benefit the company!

If the boss says NO, thank him/her then POLITELY ask  WHY so that you may IMPROVE in those areas.  Then go back in AGAIN  at a later date when the time is right.

Keep asking!  Don’t ever give up!  If you are stuck after a while with no promotion or raise after many attempts, it could be a sign for you to move on.