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Marketing Your Business

Jan Mendoza Marketing Expert Center of Attention

This is the part of your business that can seem like a big chore… but lets face it….if nobody knows about your business, how will you turn a profit?

The days of advertising in the yellow pages are over.  Business is all about the internet.  If you haven’t embraced the internet yet, or your computer for that matter, you are really missing the boat.  If we go back in time, there were people who fought the invention of the automobile, thinking that their horses and buggies were a better way to get around.  Well, we see how that worked out for them.

Time to get out of the ice ages and get on board with social media, and other ways to market over the internet.  That is were people hang out these days.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, are just a few of the major social networking sites that your potential customers are visiting and spending a ton of time.

The best part of internet marketing is that its mostly FREE!  It just takes a little work to get some followers.  Yes, you can pay for some adds on these sites and you may want to do this as a kick start and build it into your marketing budget.  YES, every business must build in a marketing budget into their business plan!

Here are some other examples of marketing and getting people to buy your products:

Follow this link to get more ideas on how to market your business!