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Are you worth a good reference?


We all want a good reference from an employer.  Here are some tips on how you can get a good reference.  NOTE:  these tips help, however if you have an unstable boss, it can be a challenge! You might have to leave your job sooner than later to sustain your own sanity!

How you behave at work will dictate if you:

Get a good reference when you leave

Get a promotion

Get assigned to important projects

Bad or questionable behavior can result in:

No promotion

Bad references

It all comes down to good work ethic in order to get a good reference from an employer.  Here are the some rules to follow:

  • Get to work on time EVERYDAY!  If you get to work a few minutes early, the better!  This will give you a buffer for unforeseen situations such as a traffic jam, etc.
  • Don’t scoot out of work early without approval!  If you are able, volunteer to work late if emergency arises.
  • Volunteer for assignments and special projects!  Be the first to raise your hand when a need arises and you think you can do it!
  • Don’t be “that” person who calls in sick on Mondays and/or Fridays
  • Keep a tidy work area
  • Dress the part (professional)
  • Get along with your co-workers…even the people you really don’t care for.
  • Show initiative
  • Show leadership
  • Don’t be a whiner or malcontent  Instead, say this:  “I would love to help the company, and it’s needs are important to me.  I noticed ______.  I would like to offer a suggested solution and I think I could help get it fixed!”

None of the above is rocket science.  This should be common sense for most people.  However, you will be surprised at the amount of people who fail to do the above simple tasks and then scratch their heads when they are passed up for a promotional opportunity or get a bad reference from a prior employer.

Oh yeah…. STAY OUT OF JAIL! 


8 Ways to Network with your Management

Moving up the career ladder not only takes hard work, motivation, and education, it also requires building professional relationships with people who are higher up the ladder than you are.  These are the people who have the power to promote you or are colleagues with the people who can promote you!  Here are some valuable hints on how to make these relationships.
1.  Make a point to introduce yourself to executive staff.  Find out who top staff is and seek them out.

2.  Once you have made contact, continue to engage in conversation (in the elevator, hallway, parking lot etc)  You don’t have to act like a stalker, just engage them the way you would with all of your co-workers.  Be yourself!

3.  Once they get to know you a little, ask them about upcoming projects and how you may be able to help.

4.  Work hard on the projects you are currently working on.

5.  Dress the part.  Make a professional impression!

6.  Don’t get involved with the malcontents of your company.  Stay away from the people who management despises! Stay away from the constant whiners!   You will be guilty by association.  Remember, your goal is to move up the ladder and make more MONEY!  Compare the paychecks of the whiners and malcontents with where you WANT to be.  I bet they don’t match!

7.  Get involved with a charitable association at work and ask one of the senior management to speak at one of your meetings.

8. Plan some sort of event outside of work, i.e picnic, mixer at a restaurant, team building event, etc.  Invite the senior staff!