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Recession Proof Your Career!


A recession proof job is a job that will likely survive an economic downfall where you have a bigger probability of not getting laid off.  Construction type jobs are a perfect example of jobs that had huge lay-off numbers at the start of the recession.  Builders, heavy equipment operators, plumbers, electricians, roofers, plasterers, and any other trade that relied on new building business found them collecting unemployment checks almost overnight as construction projects instantly ceased.   These trades will make you a great living when times are good, but be prepared for a plan B when things go down the economic drain because it happens fast. Construction trades have seen many economic downfalls in times past.  Retail and manufacturing jobs were also hard-hit as consumers stopped buying things.  When considering a career, think of a service or trade that the human race needs to survive or stay comfortable (or at least its perceived as a need for survival).  All people need medical service, we love to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we need healthy teeth and we can’t seem to live without our computers no matter how broke we are.  Do some digging on your own to figure out how you can make a nice living even if the country is in the pooper financially!  Here are some examples that have been compiled by other sources such as Forbes, among others.  Some of these careers will require college, while some will require trade school.  You may even find one that you can get on-the-job training.

Recession Proof Careers to consider

Mechanical Engineers

HVAC Mechanics (heating and cooling)

Accountants – Financial Analysts

Software programmer

Network Administrator (computers)

Medical (Nursing, technicians)

Dental Hygienist or Assistant

Cosmetologist (people still seem to get their hair and nails done)

If you want to see a super duper list with salaries included, click here