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Your Life Story on One Piece of Paper

6432107_mThere are many rules of thought on what to put on your resume and how to properly format it.  Its been a long rule of thought that your resume should be on only one piece of paper.  However, if you have a lengthy professional career this might not be feasible.  So, go ahead and break the rule and put it on two pieces of paper.  HOWEVER, make sure that you aren’t being to “wordy.”  As a person who has had to scour over many resumes and applications, I can tell you that most people don’t have time to read every single paragraph of your resume.  They only want to see the highlights.  So if you must use two pieces of paper, make it appealing to the reader.  Use big bold headings that draw attention.  Tell your story in an interesting way that really sucks them into reading the rest.  There are many professionals who write articles and give tips on different types of resumes as no two are alike.  You may need a couple of different resumes that are geared to different job types.     It’s always a good idea to have someone else read your resume to make sure they understand what you are saying and that there are no typos!  Here is a link to a GREAT resume that you may want to use as a guideline!  You might also want to watch this video of what NOT to put on your resume! Also, check out this short article on what recruiters look for in the first 6 seconds!

Here is another rule.  If you are submitting an official application with your resume, make sure you application says the same thing and is TYPED!  Never, ever hand write an application if you can help it.  If you must hand write it, PRINT!  You want the prospective employer to be able to read your writing!  I can’t tell you how many applications I have seen that were literally scribbled.  Guess what?  The application went immediately to the bottom of the stack and I didn’t give it any further consideration.

Good Luck!

The Team at Rocket Rosie!