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The Internet Tells all of your Secrets and Sucesses!


We all live in a virtual world these days and our whole existence on the planet is on the World Wide Web for everyone to see!  The first thing a prospective employer is going to do is a simple Google search of your name. They are going to see if you have mug shots floating around and any other “dirt” they can find on you. People really want to see dirt! Lets hope that you don’t have such dirt!  Here are steps to “Clean up” your web presence!  

Go through your social media accounts and really analyze your posts, photos and videos.  Are you revealing just a little too much about yourself?  Do you get on your soap box and spew your thoughts about politics, religion, social issues, your fight with your neighbor or family member and other drama?  This is your right with free speech and all, however, save your free speech for later. You need to get a job!   Is your Facebook or Instagram littered with selfies?   Or, have you shared memes and videos that could be considered distasteful?  If your social media accounts are littered with these things, be on the safe side and just disable your accounts for a while or just make sure ALL of your content is locked down to PRIVATE. However, BEWARE!  If you have hundreds of photos and video, its guaranteed a whole bunch of your content will be marked public for the world to see!

We have heard from many prospective employers who have passed on candidates before an interview took place because of  wild and crazy Facebook pages and YouTube videos or other revealing personal information. Prospective employers don’t know the “real” you and are quick to JUDGE!   Its time for you  to clean up and lock down your social media accounts since your quest for gainful employment depends on it.

Make a GREAT page!  This social media site is where you get to shout to the world how professional you are and brag about your many talents in the workplace!  Again, keep it professional!

Make a personal/professional website.  This can be your online “resume”  Just remember to keep it clean. You can show your professional and your personal side.. just not too personal!  You can build a FREE website at

Don’t forget about any blogs that you manage!  Blogs can be a good thing if your content is relevant to your profession or skills. Again, be thinking of prospective employers when you blog!