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How to Pay for Training

empty pockets

Experience is everything, however training never hurts either!   Weather you make the decision to go to a traditional college or trade school, the question most people ask is “How am I going to pay for this.”  Education is expensive, however it shouldn’t be a show stopper for you.  There are many ways for you to go to school.

You can:

Get a student loan. 

Most times you won’t have to start paying on your student loan until you start working.  However, you will still be accruing interest so don’t defer if for too long!

Get a Grant

Most grands are federally funded and you won’t have to pay them back!

Get Federal Student Aid for low income families

You won’t have to pay back a FASFA grant!  However, its mostly for low income households.  However, you will be surprised what they consider “low income”  You just might qualify!

Get a Scholarship

There are so many companies and organizations that hand out scholarships.  They range from a few hundred dollars to thousands!  Apply for as many as you think you qualify for!  Its a numbers game and it doesn’t cost anything to apply!

Pay as you go

There have been many people who have put themselves through school by working night jobs. Its hard and you’ll be burning the candle at both ends, but its doable.  If you go this route, it might take you a little longer to graduate so be sure to not give up on the grants, loans and scholarships!


Also a way to get additional training while going to school is to INTERN at a company.  Of course these are mostly no-paying, however you will bet valuable experience and most companies end up hiring their interns!


Lose the Flip Flops



Unless you have a job working at the beach, flip-flops on your feet DO NOT scream hire or promote me. What they do say is “where’s the beach party!”   If you want to start moving into the ranks of professionals and start making serious money, you need to take a good hard look at your appearance.  It’s a proven fact that dressing for the job you want works.  Management will judge you by appearance first then personality second.  Yes, people who have sight will most likely judge with their eyes first then with their ears second.  Dressing like you care about your work tells a lot about you as an employee.  Wearing beach-wear or your pajamas in an office environment, even on “dress down Fridays” will be to your detriment if you are wanting to expand your horizons in the workplace.  If you have a job where you wear a uniform, make sure it’s neatly pressed and clean at all times.  If you are a construction worker, make sure you can figure out ways to set yourself apart in your appearance such as neat grooming of your hair, face, etc.  It’s that simple.  Take a look at the CEOs of your company.  How are they dressed?  If you are trying to move up in your job, they are the people who you are trying to impress!  Do what they do.
Ways to Dress for Success on a Budget


Here’s to Your Success

and PS.  PLEASE leave the flip-flops by the pool!